Have been reading this book, Arcimedes’ Revenge which is about the enigma that pure mathematics truly is! Was a lot like getting back to my old love..!!

  Legend has it that the Greek philosopher & mathematician, Archimedes, in a fit of rage, composed an insanely difficult numerical problem about grazing cattle. His revenge was felt for twenty-two hundred years, until 1981, when the problem was finally disposed of by a fledgling super-computer.  The frustration that generations of mathematicians felt in the face of Archimedes’ revenge resembles that caused by simpler mathematical problems that arise more naturally. Here is the original problem as stated by Archimedes!

      The revenge of mathematics on her followers were best summed up by these lines penned by an anonymous writer:

                             “ A formidable student at Trinity

                                Solved the square root of infinity;

                              It gave him such fidgets

                             To count up the digits

                             He chucked math & took up Divinity.”