I had kind of promised myself when I started off with my blog that it would be on concrete, rational stuff that I indulge in or would love to someday..!! Probably, the “indulgence” part got/is getting the better of me for quite sometime now! Not that I am not enjoying it…but then I would rather not let it go too far..!! Well, out of all this came out :

                                                    Oh, N (sigh)
                                                   Oh, oh, oh, N
                               I can tell by the dimple on your chin
                     You’re in beautiful shape for the shape you’re in
                                            An’ I’m in shape for N

                                                      Oh, N
                                               Oh, oh, oh, N
                           When you wander inta my dreams at night
                               Your remarkable form is a pure delight
                                            I go, go, go for N

                             You’re a little bit like ev’ry girl I’ve ever seen
                                Oh, your separate parts are not unknown
                            But the way you assemble them’s all your own

                            All yours and mine, dear N (yours and mine, dear N)

                                                                      Oh, N
                                                                 Oh, oh, oh, N
                                            Say you’ll wait for me out by the rocket base
                                               And we’ll both blast off into outer space
                                                           At oh, oh, oh-oh, N

                              Come away with me now in the rocket-propelled machine
                                        We’ll come home by the way of a drive-in spa
                                                Just a little this side of Shangri-La
                                     And there I’ll stay with N (there I’ll stay with N)
                                                          There I’ll stay with N 

     Now for all of you bewildered readers as to from where all this evolved, check this out! So much for indulgence & irrationality!