These three words have suddenly empowered the human struggle across the world cutting across colour, caste, creed & religion!! Not for nothing…! I have been an active Greenpeace supporter since my college days & I received a mail from them today featuring the writeup & the video! The contents of the mail are as follows:

Dear XXXX,

After one year of fighting an uneven battle against India’s most powerful and respected corporation, it’s come down to this…

We haven’t won yet. It’s that painfully simple, but also that painfully complicated.

Because even though the Dhamra port hasn’t stopped, and its impacts on the ancient habitat of the Olive Ridley Turtles aren’t going away anytime soon, what you’ve achieved goes out like a shockwave in the halls of online activism.

Nearly 115,000 Tata customers have done everything they could. From writing emails, sending faxes and making long-distance calls, to delivering roses, lighting candles and sponsoring newspaper ads.

Together, we’re doing everything we can. It’s the Tatas that have lost a chance to live up to their claims of placing the planet before profits, a chance to show that their reputation of being environmentally-responsible has some substance, and a chance to honour their promise that if the port were found to be harmful to biodiversity, they’d stop construction, no matter what stage it’s at.

While you’ve done everything within your means to stop the port, it’s now time for us to get on with what Greenpeace does best. Over the next few months, we will continue the hard lobbying, the behind-the-scenes work and, when necessary, the direct confrontations that you’ve provided us the legitimacy and credibility to carry out.

In the weeks to come, my colleague Gene will be talking to you about another critical battle we’re fighting on the climate front. I hope you will extend to him the support and energy that you’ve brought to this campaign. Until then, watch a video that captures one year of an incredible environmental battle. It’s our tribute to all the supporters, volunteers and cyberactivists who have walked with Greenpeace down this improbable road. View it, share it, and take pride in what you’ve achieved.

In solidarity, Ashish Fernandes

Ashish Fernandes
Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace India

PS: Our work must go on, and it can’t go on without the support of ordinary citizens just like you. It’s precisely because of your contributions that we can stand up fearlessly to any corporation and government that commits environmental crime. To keep us fighting fit, please become a supporter and give whatever you can.