A Saturday afternoon after a sterile week is not exactly the time when one would suddenly have the urge to visit a cemetery out of all places…but this is exactly what I did yesterday, & here I am penning down my thoughts on it. Yes, I do love visiting cemeteries, more so when it has a lot to tell..!!

         I am sure not many of us were aware that Kolkata is one of the two cities in India & probably in Asia(the other one being Imphal, Manipur) which boasts of a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery outside Europe.  Me & a friend of mine were among those once-in-a-blue-moon visitors to this place eliciting curious glances from folks, starting off with the cabbie who took us there. 

For the uninitiated, The Commonwealth War Graves  is the resting place of all those defence personnel who lost their lives serving under the British Crown/Allied Supreme Command during both the First & Second World Wars. The CWG in Kolkata was initially a civilian cemetery a section of which later was demarcated as the resting place for the Allied personnel who lost their lives in the Burma Front during the Japanese Invasion.  The place is immaculately maintained by the authorities – the Commonwealth War Graves Commision, UK is responsible for the general upkeep of this section. A must-visit for anyone interested in the history of this city & its role in the great wars.