Mark Twain once remarked, ” There are three things that men can do with women-love them, suffer for them or turn them into literature!” If you look a bit deeper, history provides us with a fourth alternative – that of man having changed destinies of whole civilisations because of women! The most remarkable few that I can think of right now are: Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Nur Jahan who in their own subtle ways changed the whole course of history.

        One pertinent question(& yes, please do not mistake me for being a sexist or an MCP) that I feel like asking is: “Are women really so very powerful or is it that man has & still is succumbing to the twists of nature & the flow of hormones?” It really makes one wonder that behind almost every human endeavour lies the inherent, subconscious desire of getting to indulge in procreation with the best possible member of the oppposite sex.

    Primitive man was differentiated by his prowess in hunting skills & his physicality. For women the best man who could father her offspring were those endowed with a good physique which was a direct correlation with the man’s physical prowess. For men an attractive female was & probably still is someone who is endowed with exquisite attributes of the female anatomy.  Cut to the present day – what we have now is nothing but an abstraction of those primitive instincts very much prevalent within our subconscious minds…..well, to verify my claim, check out the matrimonial listings of any newspaper! And what is it that we have here? To quote literatim, here is an excerpt I came across sometime back:” Wanted bride for an energetic young man(IIT-Ivy League university, well settled in the USA, NRI from Delhi. The bride should be of good height & health, sensible,having respect for Indian culture, vegetarian….get more details about the boy on http://www.<website>.com!!”

      Which brings me back to the this world fundamentally what it is because of the flow of hormones somwhere deep inside the human brain? Well, as of now it looks as if it is…& boy, inspite of all our ramblings we are not much different from the dog & bitch out there in the street…you know what I mean!!