Words are hopelessly inadequate to describe you, Sir & the impact you have had on this country ever since you became its first citizen way back in 2002. Your charming simplicity coupled with your erudition bowled over people from all walks of life…finally they had a reason to live, somebody to look up to & proudly emulate!

    You were a torch-bearer for the beleaguered youth of this country…for the millions oppressed in the name of democracy! You proved to be a spanner in the dirty wheel of Indian politics in your own subtle way….never mising out on the smile on your face. They have finally extracted their “pound of flesh”, but then am sure you are above their petty ways.  You strode the hearts of your countrymen like a Colossus, something which I doubt any Indian President has ever done or will ever be able to do. My humble tribute to you, ” Life is a long drawn battle, some fight as mere soldiers. May you always be the General leading from the front & showing us the way!”

            Behold Him, for when comes another!!

P.S.- Dr. Kalam’s website: http://www.abdulkalam.com/