Don’t you think “Mission Impossible” is a Hollywood-sponsored lie? We come across lots of people who say that one must desire the impossible. You may desire the impossible but what eventually gets fulfilled is the inevitable.

  I know my views are sure to disappoint a lot of people who thrive on “impossible” challenges such as mountain climbers, marathon runners etc. For them I am probably another Indian fatalist.

 For this group of achievers, on retrospection probably they would agree that they just fell in line with the inevitable. What looks impossible in prospect comes out to be inevitable in retrospect…give it a thought!

  The journey on Mission Inevitable is an abstraction of our deep commitment to our ego-Mission Impossible.  Mission Inevitable to put in more banal terms is commitment to reality, to the forces of Nature that are at play in the subtle mechanics of this Universe. Commitment to the inevitable is the acknowledgement of these forces that are beyond our conscious control. This commitment does not come from the ego, but probably from a profound understanding of the unseen process behind all events.